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How to find luxury villas in Jodhpur?

luxury villas in Jodhpur

Almost each luxury villa you see while browsing will seduce you into buying it unless you are extremely clear on what you want in a lifelong home. The explanation for this is straightforward: expansive homes with first-class amenities and sumptuous furnishings are not the kind to pass over.

We have constructed and resided in luxury villas during our twenty-five years of experience. We’ve discovered that neither of them is ugly to look at; it just depends on your choices and how you personally picture your opulent permanent house.

Consider it this way: all your life, you’ve seen yourself as the owner of a home. You need to make a list of the items you could need in your home that a pre-built home cannot give you. What good is it to spend money on something that looks good but doesn’t genuinely make you happy?


What are the prices of luxury villas in Jodhpur?

When deciding to invest in real estate, budget ought to be the first thing on people’s minds. For this reason, we believe it is both possible and imperative to start by addressing this worry. Your purchase’s overall cost will vary depending on your expectations, the size and type of the property, the location, and other variables. Usually, it would cost more to build a property from scratch to your specifications than it would buy one that is already built. Similar to the previous point, choosing a heritage villa can cost even more because they are so valuable.

The demand for high-end houses in Jodhpur has increased dramatically since the outbreak, driving up their costs as well. If you’re on a tight budget, you can discover a good and reasonably priced place in a newly developed area of Jodhpur rather than purchasing a place in the pricey ancient city or a major city. You should expect to pay between 3000-4300 INR per sq. foot.

Although it is feasible to get a 3/ 4 BHK villa for under two crores, luxury villas in Jodhpur often cost up to eight crores. You can easily find a large room that is completely furnished and has all the improved utilities that a luxury villa ought to have within this price range.


Which luxury villas in Jodhpur are the finest to own?

Here is a list of some of the finest luxury villas to own in Jodhpur:

The project Kundan Villa by Ashapurna Buildcon Ltd. has been making its name even before its possession. This project host 50 signature villa for 50 significant families. These are 3bhk villas of sizes 25×50 and these are planned to be sold at a fixed price of 55 Lakhs INR. 

The Aangan project is located at Banar, Jodhpur host various sizes of villas and plots as per the buyer’s requirement. From a plot size of 15×30 to 25×50, from 1 bhk to 3 bhk, you can find it all here from a price range from 14 to 35 Lakhs INR.

The pride of Suncity is what Ashapurna Heritage is called. This project is made to continue to hold the ethnicity of Jodhpur. The variety of plot sizes here varies from a plot size of 12.6×50 to 60×90 which starts from a price range of 22.72 Lakhs INR to 1.87 Crore INR.


Things to check before buying a house in Jodhpur

After thoroughly discussing investments and locations, let’s now determine some variables you should think about before concluding a deal.

  • Amenities- Make sure the location offers all the amenities one would require, whether you customize them or choose from those that are already on the market.
  • Connectivity- Connectivity is crucial, particularly if you intend to settle down after your permanent home is constructed. You should look for a location that is excellent and near facilities like gyms, grocery stores, hospitals, and schools.
  • Location- If you’re one of the many people who enjoy having a beautiful view from their living room and bedroom, you should take it into account first.
  • Style of Living- Your lifestyle will be greatly impacted by the choice of place. Mornings are quiet and tranquil in the country while mingling and having fun are the order of the day in the city.
  • Developer Reviews- It’s as challenging to discover the ideal developer who can produce what you want, understands your criteria, and has the necessary experience, as it is to locate god. Before giving someone the project, you must be very strategic, conduct thorough research, and evaluate the context.


Finding a home that fits your interests and way of life won’t be as challenging if you receive the correct assistance. While you will undoubtedly need to handle the fundamentals, such as creating a list of your options, all on your own, you may reduce the effort by assembling a team of professionals who can handle the procedure. At the same time, you sit back and relax. Since these residences are created based on the preferences of others, it might be challenging to discover a ready-made location that meets your needs and obtain the appropriate property quotes. Which you most certainly don’t want from your ideal home.

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