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How Much Money Is Needed For Real Estate Investment In Jodhpur?


Do you have plans to buy property in Jodhpur? The most challenging aspect of real estate investing is determining how much budget is required and what options are available for various budgets. The buyer’s disposable income, the market they select, and anticipated returns all impact the budget for purchasing a home.

The COVID-19 outbreak has reportedly produced a ripe market and given customers more negotiating power, making it the ideal moment to invest. The most crucial questions, however, revolve around how much wealth should be invested in real estate in order to get the best investment returns and what options are accessible for various price points.

Investing in Residential Projects in Jodhpur had been the first choice for investors and the common man. 

Generally buying a flat, house, villa, or plot can be more hectic, when you have to deal with brokers and pay brokerage too. But nowadays the best alternative is to buy property online using real estate websites of firms like Ashapurna Buildcon Ltd. which have been trusted as a brand by the customers and also approved by the authorities like RERA( Rajasthan Real Estate Regulatory Authority ) & JDA( Jodhpur Development Authority ). 


What is the price of a flat in Jodhpur?

Jodhpur has seen a sharp rise in the price of flats or apartments over the last few years. Property values have risen rapidly along with demand despite the constant increases in labor and raw material costs. In 2013–14, a typical 1 bhk or 2 bhk property in Jodhpur was between Rs. 8-24 lakhs. Today, it costs between Rs. 11-40 lakhs. According to a market study, the average cost of buying real estate in India has increased by more than 40% over the past ten years. 

Based on historical trends, real estate will continue to get more expensive over time. Depending on the buyer’s spending power, the market they select, and the anticipated earnings, different amounts of money are required. Although emerging markets need less cash upfront and offer better profits, premium locations require a larger capital investment. The rate of gain is minimal, despite the fact that the saturation point for property values in established locations has already been reached.


Residential Properties in Jodhpur according to different Budgets

  • Budget Flats in Jodhpur under 10 lakh

When it comes to a budget range of *10 lakhs, there is no better option in Jodhpur than buying a 1 bhk flat at Ashapurna’s Basera II Phase project. The project is located at Pal Sangariya Link Road, Jodhpur. 

  • Villa in Jodhpur under 15 lakh 

Villas in Jodhpur under 15 lakhs sound kind of a dream, but Ashapurna Buildcon has made it possible with their Ashapurna Aangan project which is located near Umed Hotel in Banar, Jodhpur. You can find a 1 bhk villa in Jodhpur starting from the price of *14 lakhs Rs. However, if you are looking for  2 BHK apartments in Jodhpur for under 15 lakh you can check out Ashapurna’s Basera project. 

  • Premium House in Jodhpur under 20 lakh

Premium House in Jodhpur that too under 20 lakh is what you are looking for you should check out these JDA-approved projects in Jodhpur.

Project Name Price Range
Ashapurna Anmol I, II, III (1 BHK) Rs. 18 – 18.50lakhs
Ashapurna Basera (2 BHK) Rs. 14.70 – 16.96 lakhs
Ashapurna Aangan (2 BHK) Rs. 19.51 lakhs


  • House for sale in Jodhpur under 35 lakh

When you come to a price range of up to 35 lakhs there is a wide range of options available which include premium homes, heritage villas, and more. Here are some options available in Jodhpur for this price segment:

Project Name Price Range
Ashapurna Anmol I, II, III (2 BHK & 3 BHK) Rs. 23 – 34 lakhs
Ashapurna NRI (2 BHK & 3 BHK) Rs. 23.19 – 34.45 lakhs
Ashapurna Aangan (2 BHK & 3 BHK) Rs. 23 – 35 lakhs


  • Luxury Villa for sale in Jodhpur

When it comes to luxury villas in Jodhpur, we can say there are many which exist. The premiums, luxury villas or mansions give cannot be compared to having a normal house.

When it comes to luxury villa prices in Jodhpur, Ashapurna Buildcon Ltd. blessed the land of Marwar with the new project Ashapurna Kundan Villa which states “50 signature villas, for 50 significant families”. The starting price of these villas has been thoughtfully kept to Rs. 55 Lakhs. There are also a few more projects that are made to give their buyers a luxurious feel:

Project Name Price Range
Ashapurna Heritage (2 BHK & 3 BHK) Rs. 35.29 lakhs – 1.87 Cr.
Ashapurna NRI (2 BHK, 3 BHK & 4 BHK) Rs. 36.59 lakhs – 1.40 Cr.
Ashapurna  Anmol I, II, III (2 BHK & 3 BHK) Rs. 37 – 45 lakhs


Gratitude for Investors

A six percent rate of annual growth is average for Indian real estate. With the real estate market finally gathering up steam, investing for the long term is more likely to yield better profits. Additionally, it is a prudent decision to predict the rate of appreciation before spending because doing so enables the prediction of future investment returns.

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