Pros And Cons For Buying A Villa Or An Apartment In Jodhpur

What Are The Pros And Cons For Buying A Villa Or An Apartment In Jodhpur

There are two kinds of people – one, who love the bright and bustling city-life and the second kind – the ones who like to slow down every once in a while. While the former often choose lavish and comfortable apartments, the latter like the luxury and peace of villas or independent houses.  Do you think you are somewhere in the middle and can’t yet decide whether to buy An Apartment or Villa as your dream home? Fear not, we are here to help you through and provide a list of pros and cons for both residential choices in the Blue City of Jodhpur.

Should You Choose An Apartment Or Villa (Pros & Cons)

Buying a villa or an apartment both need a great deal of consideration. After all, purchase of any property, residential or commercial can have unpleasant consequences if the agreement is signed in haste. Homes are usually a one-time investment. Hence, it’s crucial to weigh your decision as objectively as possible and choose a property that best suits your budget and lifestyle. Here are six points you should note while making your selection:


Our first point is, of course, the price tag. Because let’s be honest, money has been, is and always will be the pivotal point during investment decisions. No matter how affordable a property may be, it does cost lakhs of rupees and not just a couple of hundreds. In today’s scenario, the government’s favourable schemes show a boost in the affordable housing section that mainly comprises apartments.

The general idea is that flats are more budget-friendly than villas. While this may be the rule, there are always exceptions. Some select locations and developers offer villas at a marginal difference in prices, thus owning an independent house can be a realistic dream.

Location and Lifestyle

The location of your residential property makes a huge difference between a fruitful investment and a dead weight around your neck. When your apartment or villa is situated at an ideal location, it increases convenience and connectivity to key points of the city like markets, hospitals, educational institutes, and entertainment centres.

The city offers a variety of options in 1, 2 or 3 BHK flats whereas villas are usually found further away from the city’s core due to obvious requirement for larger spaces. When it comes to lifestyle, things like the size of your family, commuting time to your workplace and your day to day routines, in general, should be kept in mind.

Amenities and Facilities

Developers try their best to lure home buyers. Thanks to them, there is a better variety of world-class amenities at a residential project that offers a range of affordable and premium apartments. There are so many Properties for Sale in Jodhpur which come with power and water backup and villas typically don’t. A fully-equipped gym, health spa, a well-maintained swimming pool, a functional clubhouse and more are conveniently available with apartments.

The catch is that you have to share these amenities with other residents of the society. However, getting these same facilities in an independent villa or house can prove to be very expensive. Not only the amenities but the maintenance aspect also plays an important role. With apartments, the estate managers and a team of skilled professionals are readily available for any maintenance or repair tasks for a  maintenance fee. For villas, the same is not applicable.

Depending on your location, you may or may not find the required handy-persons on time, and you need to pay attention to things like plumbing or electrical repairs, and maintenance of gardens and verandas.


It is a no-brainer – villas get you better privacy. There are no kids (that are not yours to control) running around causing loud footfalls through the ceiling; no unwanted food smells (this matters when you have to smell burnt food or a neighbour cooking fish, and you are a vegetarian); and for most cases there are no annoying neighbours that feel the need to turn on the radio early in the morning and make you listen to it too (whether you want to or not).

However, what apartments do offer is a sense of community. Due to the sheer number of residents and their proximity to you, you have plenty of chances to make friends and participate in various events and festival celebrations within society.


Among maintenance responsibilities also come along the point about security that is a difficult thing for a villa owner. Spending specifically to hire a security guard isn’t a monthly expense they need.

A larger area of the villa can hence prove to be a disadvantage. Apartments come around as the ideal choice in this case as they offer a gated community with trained security personnel and CCTV surveillance.

Ease of Renting Out or Reselling

Since apartments are always more in demand, they are easier to rent out or sell. Families are usually of nuclear size nowadays and consist of salaried professionals that find flats more convenient and within budget.

Villas, however, may not have as many takers and reselling may not earn you the same percentage of appreciation as an apartment would.

Final Thoughts

Decisions, Decisions…

The choice between villa and apartment will perhaps always continue to be a tug of war scenario. As we said, there are two kinds of people. Some prefer flats and thrive while keeping up with the ultra-fast pace of work, social life with clubs, restaurants and cafes, and a comfortable home life in their lavish apartments. 

Then there are the second kind that likes to see their hard work reflect in the lifestyle choices they make. Living in stylish villas and enjoying luxury, privacy, and the opportunity to maintain a peaceful distance from the city-life is what they desire. Villas allow you to make customizations that suit you best. Apartments are a more secure living option for senior citizens who live by themselves and cannot maintain an ample space.

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