Township Living: The new way of living

The concept of townships is not new. In this way, a FORT could be considered an ancient township. Similarly, companies and campuses have developed areas to take care of residential and workplace needs.

Modern developments offer more amenities like security and landscaping, as well as advanced infrastructure. Homebuyers prefer keeping their home values secure by living in these communities instead of the urban chaos. They also enjoy larger homes with more infrastructures than staying in a smaller, more expensive home within the city.

During the recent year, people in the working world have come to understand the importance of houses that are well ventilated. Even, Covid-19 has made people think about a balanced life and if they can get it with their family at a secured community nearby. So, owning a house is now not just limited to having your own building at a prime location. Instead, there have emerged the idea of getting access to larger spaces for their family and green areas for trees and other things that would make it easy for people to walk around. People who live in those communities also get to enjoy different urban amenities that are within close proximity of their homes.

Township Living is a new concept of community

People often forget that their house reflects their personality. Most houses look the same and blend in with the others on the street. We have some ideas on how to do this.

A Welcoming Entrance & Focus on Windows

Integrated townships provide you with a mini replica of the main city away from the central city. For work-life balance, townships also have plenty of open space for activities like landscaped gardens, jogging tracks, playgrounds for all age groups, parks and open spaces. Fully developed townships offer many amenities in a city including eating places and play areas.

Moving to a township gives you the benefits of living in an urban environment but with less chaos and pollution. The project is designed to be connected with the nearest city and residents will have plenty of green space inside and outside of their homes.  Township living can be described as urban amenities in nature’s abode, making a healthy living experience for the residents.

The amazing benefits of living in Township

Township living offers different spaces that are all conveniently located inside the project. Homebuyers may get several benefits by purchasing a property in this type of development including residential and commercial space, green area, and retail space.

Comprehensive infrastructure for living in Township

Township projects are developed in a way that residents have easy access to civic and social infrastructure. A typical township project houses hospitals, schools, shopping centers, green space and residential towers.

Find better work-life balance

These township living projects are built near major employment hubs to reduce the stress and travel time for professionals who work.

Better resale value on properties and lower turnover

Compared to standalone buildings, the townships score better due to larger landscape and amenities. Commercial spaces like SEZs prompt buyers to these locations. Since these projects are outside of the city limits, the cost of land is much lower than in a main city location. A township home can be a dream home for most of the buyers, meeting their checklist for what makes a valued house. Current property prospects favor homebuyers making it a good time to purchase a beautiful home that matches their expectations.

About ongoing township projects

If you are looking for a new home, there are several promising township projects that have the potential to fulfill your aspiration and idea of a healthy lifestyle. These township living projects offer specifications and amenities worth checking out.

The Ashapurna Enclave is a modern township that offers both residential and commercial complexes in one place. They have all the necessary amenities for infrastructure, such as roads and schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping centers, drainage and sewage facilities, and many more amenities.

Ashapurna Heritage, near airport,  is a contemporary and traditional fusion of architecture, with a modernizing blend of captivating beauty, stylish lifestyle and ultra-modern comfort. Every detail is taken into account in this phenomenal creation you get the privilege of thriving at.

Ashapurna Nanomax is one of the most connected townships of Jodhpur. It is just 7 km from the railway station and neighboring the army cantonment area. The project is on the theme of “A Modern House at an Affordable Price.” The town spans 100 bighas and consists of 515 villas and plots, with prices ranging from Kunj 40 ft X 60 ft to Nano Awas 20 ft X 45 ft.

This development features all luxuries, making it a great place to live. Township has modern amenities, like a fitness center, solar lighting system and lush green space.

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