What Are The Rates Of Stamp Duty & Registration Fees For 2021 In Rajasthan?

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What are the rates of stamp duty & registration fees for 2021 in Rajasthan?

Amount transfers regarding Real Estate are not limited to the physical transfer of the property from a buyer to a seller. It includes the number of taxes and charges required to be placed to get legal ownership of the property. Apart from the property’s cost, there is one minor percentage of the cost that investors/buyers also have to pay, which is stamp duty and registration charges, to get the property’s title transferred in their names.

Stamp Duty & Registration Fees For 2021 In Rajasthan

Stamp Duty is very much like income tax; the only difference is that Stamp Duty is levied on real estate purchases. The tax levied by the government when there is a transaction of property from seller to buyer or vice versa is calculated as a percentage of the value of dealings.

Stamp duty charges vary across States. Buyers generally have to pay 1% of the value of the property as registration charges; some States also levy a flat rate based on the property’s worth. Considering that, all buyers have to pay a 1% registration charge for getting the title transferred in their names.

It is ideally important to have some knowledge about Stamp Duties and their charges as it adds up to the overall cost of the property which you are buying. However, the amount to be paid as a tax for Stamp Duty depends on the size, worth, and value of the property; the same location can have the same as well as different amounts of tax as Stamp Duties. So, to get an idea of stamp duties, here are some of the approximate rates which are valid in Rajasthan:

Rates of Stamp Duty in Rajasthan

In the recent past, the Government of India amended the stamp duty rates. The amendments were to facilitate the ease of doing transactions and bring uniformity in the Stamp Duty payments. The rates of Stamp Duty have recently been revised by the government, whereas the property registration charge in Rajasthan is 1% of the property value.

The stamp duty rates for properties are divided into two categories based on the property’s worth. If the property is priced below Rs 50 lakhs, then the stamp duty charges would be around 4% for men and 3% for women and for properties priced more than Rs 50 lakhs, it would be around 6% for men and 5% for women.

Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot presented in the state budget; The District level committee rates are reduced by 10% to give a boost to the real estate sector: Due to the reduction in DLC rates, there has been no major change in the calculation of stamp duty taxes above 50 lakhs.

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Stamp duty is a tax paid in full and on time to avoid the penalty. The reason for this tax is to guarantee the physical ownership of the property; in order to do that legally, the property should be registered in the buyer’s name in the local municipal records. Ashapurna Buildcon Limited helps you analyze the overall cost of your property, including all the taxes on your property, to ease up the process of buying and selling for you; we offer JDA approved projects in Jodhpur, which comes with a lot of benefits and facilities.

What are the rates of stamp duty & registration fees for 2021 in Rajasthan?

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