NRI's Proper Guide To Selling Property in Jodhpur

NRI’s proper guide to selling property in Jodhpur

A person who owns multiple properties outside of their home country finds it very challenging to manage multiple properties while not living in that country. NRIs who work outside India and have various properties in India also face the same problem. When it comes to selling a property in Jodhpur, an NRI needs to consider many things before selling a property. If you have a property in Jodhpur, Then one of the most important things is to choose a real estate developer in Jodhpur who will help you with the process of selling your property. There is no better top developer in Jodhpur than Ashapurna Buildcon Limited which will guide you till the end of the process.

NRI’s can sell their properties in India by following these steps:-

1. The property’s value should be determined by a brokerage company.

2. A trusted person can be authorized to carry out their duties if one isn’t physically available to handle the paperwork.

3. If the sale payment has not been received in full by the time the property transfers, capital gains are taxable.

4. An NRI seller and the buyer must mention all information regarding the TDS, including its rate, in the sale deed.

5. An FCNR or NRE/NRO account is required to receive the amount.

6. Investing capital gains in another property or tax-exempt bonds would exempt the NRI from paying tax.

NRI needs the following documents to sell property in Jodhpur:-

1. PAN Card: NRIs of selected countries are given PAN numbers that have their foreign residence address in case they want to apply for a tax exemption certificate after a property sale.

2. Passport: NRI can use this as their proof of identity.

3. Address Proof: A ration card, telephone bill, electricity bill, life insurance policy statement, Aadhar card, and other documents to support the address in India and abroad must be provided.

4. Sale Deed: An agreement between two parties that sells or buys a property.

5. Tax Returns: Tax returns for the ownership period should be kept handy if the NRI has been earning income from the property.

6. Society Documents: The occupation certificate, allotment letter, and occupation certificate are required to show that the seller has paid all outstanding amounts to the society.

FEMA Rules

Firstly, an NRI should know that he has to comply with the foreign exchange management act of 1999 whenever there is a property transaction. All foreign exchange transactions in India must comply with the Act’s rules and regulations. As a result of FEMA, the enforcement directorate (ED) is responsible.

There is no restriction on NRIs selling their residential & commercial property in Jodhpur to any Indian, NRI, or PIO, But they cannot sell their Agricultural land, farmhouse, or plantation property to another NRI.  


Whether you are living abroad and want to sell your property in Jodhpur, Then there will be proper guidance is necessary to sell the property legally and this guidance can be done by a top builder in Jodhpur who has several years of experience in the real estate field. You can choose Ashapurna Buildcon Limited for this purpose, they will guide you on how to sell and buy a commercial and residential property in Jodhpur at great locations. Their all properties are JDA and RERA approved.

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