What should I know about Vastu before buying a property?

What Should I know About Vastu Before Buying A Property?

Know about vastu before buying a property .The Vastu Shastra is an important aspect of Indian culture and society. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of direction, basically for constructing buildings or houses according to the right directions that are supposed to make your living better and bring luck to life by positively affecting it. Vastu Sastra controls four major aspects of our life;

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationship
  • Legal matters

If these four aspects are proper within your life, according to Vastu, you get all kinds of peace, progress, and prosperity. Vastu affects them positively and brings prosperity to your life if the directions are maintained according to it. Vastu is a science that balances the five elements of nature, namely:

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Air
  • Fire
  • space

There are eight primary directions in Vastu Shastra principles that affect all the Human lifestyle activities in a positive way and keep us safe and secure. Every direction has its speciality and brings a part of wellbeing to your life with it. The eights directions are:

  • North
  • South
  • East
  • West
  • North-east
  • South-east
  • South-west
  • North-west
Know about Vastu before buying a property

Each element is assigned to a particular direction as per the Vastu Shastra study, and when it is followed, it brings you all kinds of happiness in life.

There are scientific reasons behind the study of Vastu Shastra because these directions are selected on the basis of the magnetic field, which is a concept of electromagnetic physics. Home, Sun and Earth, make life possible on Earth.

For example, some of the theories stated by Vastu Shastras with their reasons are:

Vastu Shastra study says that, due to the direct effect of the ultraviolet rays of the sun in the early morning, the kitchen remains free from flies and mosquitos or other familiarized bacterias. Therefore, your house’s geometry must be according to the rays of the morning sun that should enter your kitchen.

If not followed properly, all these rules, elements, and directions could block prosperity in any form, maybe in the form of wealth, health, relationship or legal matters. They only cause blockages in the path of success.

Know about Vastu before buying a property

Know About Vastu Before Buying A Property

Ashapurna Buildcon Limited has a team of Vastu experts. We keep the characteristics of every corner and direction of your property, be it residential or commercial, in mind and bring you the best product accordingly. Ashapurna, a top builder in Jodhpur, believes that the house is basically the reflection of your life. Therefore, just by looking at the floor plan and the direction mark of your house, any Vastu expert can tell you about your current life situations.

The principles of Vastu Shastra must be followed if you want to bring peace, prosperity and progress in your life. Ashapurna Buildcon Limited, a top developer in Jodhpur, is ever ready to help you find the perfect Vastu driven house/ property for you.

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