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Independent Villas & House for sale in Jodhpur

There is a dream in everyone’s life is to buy their own property in Jodhpur. They can do hard work for this to achieve their dream. A real Estate developer in Jodhpur can do this job to provide you with the best home at an affordable rate. Ashapurna Buildcon Limited is the top developer in Jodhpur which has JDA and RERA-approved projects in Jodhpur. They can meet everyone’s dreams into reality. They have 25+ years of experience with 30K+ happy clients in Jodhpur. They have various Independent Villas & Houses for sale in Jodhpur, you can check their projects with details below:-

Independent Villas & House for Sale in Jodhpur | Projects

1. Ashapurna NRI Township Project Villas:-

The theme which gained the most traction included the classic styles and designs of the European renaissance. The concept aims at inspiring buyers by providing them with a larger-than-life experience. European theme-based edifice and architecture define royalism in itself. This project is inspired by European architecture that is in complete harmony and synchronization with the locality. You can Ashapurna NRI Township Projects Below:-

Villa NameSizeBHKPrice (₹)
The Galaxy Villa 60’0 x 90’03 BHK₹ 1,31,00,00
The Meadows Villa 40’0 x 60’03 BHK₹ 71,00,000
The Mansion Villa 30’0 x 60’02 BHK₹ 46,39,960
960The Venus Villa 45’0 x 60’03 BHK₹ 79,00,000
The Mansion Villa 30’0 x 60’03 BHK₹ 52,39,960
The Oak Villa 30’0 x 50’03 BHK₹ 49,39,960
The Oak Villa 30’0 x 50’02 BHK₹ 44,39,960
The Orchid Villa 30’0 x 30’02 BHK₹ 30,28,160
The Heaven Villa 25’0 x 50’02 BHK₹ 34,28,160
The Crescent Villa 20’0 x 40’02 BHK₹ 21,72,860
The Nest Villa 15’0 x 30’01 BHK₹ 13,47,860
The Orchid Villa 30’0 x 30’03 BHK₹ 32,28,160
The Heaven Villa 25’0 x 50’03 BHK₹ 39,28,160
The Crescent Villa 20’0 x 40’03 BHK₹ 25,72,860
The Nest Villa 15’0 x 30’02 BHK₹ 17,23,860

2. Ashapurna Heritage Project Villas:-

Ashapurna Heritage is a township project spread across approximately 170 bighas and located at Basni Benda near the airport. The project is a fusion of contemporary and traditional architecture which offers a world-class living experience. Every fine detail has been taken into consideration in the design of the project. Ashapurna Heritage is a collage of captivating beauty, stylish lifestyle and ultra-modern comfort that perfectly suits the taste of contemporary lifestyle seekers. You can check Ashapurna Heritage Projects below:-

Villa Name SizeBHKPrice (₹)
Raj Villa60’0 x 90’04₹ 1,87,32,000
Moti Villa45’0 x 60’03₹ 1,06,62,000
Khaas Villa40’0 x 60’03₹ 93,62,000
Chittar Villa30’0 x 60’03₹ 64,27,000
Chittar Villa 230’0 x 50’03₹ 58,77,000
Kundan Villa25’0 x 50’0 3₹ 53,17,000

3. Ashapurna Anmol Project Villas:-

Ashapurna Anmol is a complete township of Villas and plots, which is an extension of the previously developed township Ashapurna Valley. More than 300 families are residing in the complete handed-over society making Ashapurna Anmol a home everyone desires for. The scheme has been targeted towards the residents with low and moderate income who are seeking for a perfect home and economic opportunity to invest in Jodhpur. The township is right next to the New proposed High court making the stay more accessible and grand. You can check the Ashapurna Anmol Projects Below

Plot SizeBuilt AreaBHKPrice (₹)
15’0 x 30’0453.56 Sq. Ft.1 BHK₹ 14.00 Lacs
15’0 x 32’0453.56 Sq. Ft.1 BHK₹ 14.50 Lacs
16’0 x32’0679.18 Sq. Ft.2 BHK₹ 19.51 Lacs
20’0 x 40’0703.77 Sq. Ft.2 BHK₹ 23.00 Lacs
20’0 x 40’0916.64 Sq. Ft.3 BHK₹ 27.50 Lacs
25’0 x 50’0825.53 Sq. Ft.2 BHK₹ 32.00 Lacs
25’0 x 50’01008.53 Sq. Ft.3 BHK₹ 35.00 Lacs

4. Ashapurna Aangan Project Villas:-

Ashapurna Aangan is located at Banar, Nandri, Banar Road, Banar, Jodhpur falls in our budget home segment and is just 9 km from Ratanada & 11 km from Airport. The project features 5 big landscape parks, a temple, commercial shops, hi-tech security, side-walks, and other infrastructure facilities.
This residential project offers the customized option of Villas. “Make Ashapurna your abode and every moment will make you realize what truly affordable luxury is. For many definitions of affordable luxury, here you are pampered with luxury of location, connectivity, convenience and grandeur”

Villa SizeBuilt AreaBHKPrice (₹)
15’0 x 30’0453.56 Sq. Ft.1 BHK₹ 18.00 Lacs
15’0 x 32’0453.56 Sq. Ft.1 BHK₹ 18.51 Lacs
16’0 x 30’0679.18 Sq. Ft.2 BHK₹ 23.00 Lacs
16’0 x 32’0679.18 Sq. Ft.2 BHK₹ 24.00 Lacs
18’0 x 40648.33 Sq. Ft.2 BHK₹ 28.00 Lacs
19’0 x 40’0670.45 Sq. Ft.2 BHK₹ 28.50 Lacs
20’0 x 40’0703.77 Sq. Ft.2 BHK₹ 30.00 Lacs
20’0 x 40’0916.64 Sq. FT.3 BHK₹ 34.00 Lacs
30’0 x 30’0818 Sq. Ft.2 BHK₹ 33.50 Lacs
30’0 x 30’01003 Sq. Ft.3 BHK₹ 37.00 Lacs
25’0 x 50’0825.53 Sq. Ft.2 BHK₹ 42.00 Lacs
25’0 x 50’01008.53 Sq. Ft.3 BHK₹ 45.00 Lacs

These all are the top projects in Jodhpur which come with JDA and RERA-approved projects in Jodhpur. They have various properties for sale in Jodhpur at an affordable rate. If you are looking for property in Jodhpur, then why are you wasting your time in thinking, Just click on Ashapurna Buildcon Limited and fill out the pop-up form to book your site visit for any upcoming projects in Jodhpur. If you want to purchase flats in Jodhpur, then have various flat projects in Jodhpur. If you want an Apartment in Jodhpur, then they have various apartments in Jodhpur at reasonable prices.

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