How to Avoid Property Fraud in Jodhpur

The unscrupulous builders and developers cheat property buyers to the point that an individual saves his life’s earnings to buy the dream house in Jodhpur. A majority of buyers in many cities are scared of property fraud, even though new rules and regulations such as JDA and RERA empower buyers. It is common for sellers to cheat and dupe buyers in a variety of ways, including providing fake documents, taking out loans on the property, setting up a general power of attorney, displaying fake layouts, double registrations, and dubious contracts.

It is very important for buyers to be extra vigilant when making a purchase in Jodhpur and transferring funds. We have enumerated several important documents that are important for the purchase of a property in Jodhpur and transferring funds. In this blog, we will discuss how to avoid property in Jodhpur with a piece of proper knowledge.

1. The Sale Deed

When purchasing a property in any of the Indian cities, it is essential to check the sale deed. Basically, it outlines who owns the property, the title, and all other rights transferred from the seller to you. Before signing any documents, it is important to read the entire deed carefully, cross-check the title, and read all the other conditions.

2. An Approval Plan

Any person who wishes to sell their property in Jodhpur must get an approval plan from either the jurisdictional commissioner or another officer the commissioner has authorized. The building or development plan is approved when the building or development company submits the following documents to the planning officer:

  1. Latest Tax Receipts
  2. City/Panchayat Survey Sketch
  3. Title Deed
  4. Property PID Number
  5. Foundation Certificate
  6. Property assessment extract
  7. Land-Use Certificate
  8. Earlier Sanctioned Plans
  9. Drawings of the property

3. Power of Authorization

Any property power of attorney is a legal document that grants a person monetary benefits from the sale, rent, or mortgage of that property. A properly registered power of attorney will give you all the legal rights you need.

4. A Mother’s Deed

If you decide to sell your property in the future, the mother deed will be an important legal document. In order to prove your current ownership, you will need this document to be able to trace the previous owners of the property. It can be useful in Knowing who has owned the property over the years.

5. Acknowledgement of Completion

Post RERA implementation in India, the completion certificate has become another essential document for buying property. If you check this certificate before buying a house or a building, you are assured it has been built in accordance with the rules and regulations of the regularity authority.

6. Certification of Conversion

Indian authorities issue conversion certificates to allow the conversion of agricultural land or farmland into residential land. Moreover, the land should have a NOB issued by the tehsildar as well as this certificate. Without this certificate, the land could still be considered farmland and it would be illegal to build on it.

7. A Certificate of Occupancy

When an inspector inspects a building and approves its condition, the building receives a certificate. A certificate stating that a building is ready for occupancy certifies that the building is in the best possible condition.

8. A Certificate of Enumberance

If the property has been used as collateral in any type of home loan, an encumbrance certificate provides all the details about the change in ownership. The property you are about to purchase, allows you to view all title transfers and legal transactions. It is always a good idea to check these documents to ensure that the property is legal and that you have the legal right to own it.


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