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Best Investment Options & Key Strategies for NRI in India 

The Indian Goverment has announced the NRI investment in India with various investment options in India. Best NRI Investment Options in India in 2022 the portfolio includes Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds, Direct Equity, and REAL ESTATE. NCDs. Government Securities. Certificate Deposits. NPS (National Pension Scheme). Fixed Deposits. Equity Investments. The best investment option in India for NRIs is ‘Real estate and the key strategies to invest in a property.

NRIs are primarily interested in property investment. Many NRIs have chosen India to be their investment destination after moving abroad. India is a popular destination for investors because of its strong economy and high investment return. NRIs are keen to invest in property and are optimistic about the country’s future real estate market. Property investment for NRI is the best and safe investment in India. Indian real estate has various top developers in Jodhpur which are demanding the growth of Indian Real Estate.

Reasons to Invest in Indian Real Estate

There has been a resurgence in the Indian real estate market after the pandemic. It is expected that the economy will continue to flourish in the near future due to pent-up demand for property purchases. A rise in property prices will benefit NRI investors, and they now have a variety of new investment options besides homes and commercial buildings. Indian Real Estate companies have various separated projects like- NRI Residency, NRI Colony, NRI City, and Township project for the Non-Resident Indians.

NRIs can also park their surplus funds in India’s real estate sector because of the simplified tax regime. NRIs that have been Indian residents for more than 2 years get an indexation advantage. NRIs have a variety of options to transfer money from their account to the seller to facilitate a smooth transaction.

Key Strategies for NRI before Investing in Indian Real Estate

Buying Property in Jodhpur – Best Investment Option in India
The RBI directive for NRI investment in property purchase offers buyers a welcome relief. FEMA has also made some changes to its foreign exchange laws. NRIs looking to settle in India can still invest in real estate in India. India’s real estate market offers more opportunities for investors than the global markets.

  1. Property Investment Types

NRIs may not purchase certain properties in India. A person can purchase immovable assets such as commercial space or residential property. However, they are not allowed to invest in agricultural land, plantation land, or farmhouses without government permission. After the transaction is closed, they may inform RBI if they intend to invest in commercial and residential properties. The government doesn’t have a limit on how many properties can be invested in India as NRIs.

2. A Financial Approach to Purchase

An NRI buying property from India should conduct a financial transaction via the appropriate channels. Remittances for property purchases must be made via foreign banking channels, or money deposited into NRO/NRE account. Foreign currency and traveler cheques are not acceptable payment methods. For property purchases in India, you may also be able to use Indian banks’ home loans. Indian employers can provide a loan for NRI investments to buy a property.

3. Repayment of Home Loans

You should choose Indian currency to finance your purchase of immovable property in India. The foreign remittances and money deposited in NRO/NRE accounts can be used to make the repayments. Rents can be used to offset EMI payments if you have rented immovable property. By transferring funds to the relative’s bank account, the borrower can adjust the loan EMI. A loan can be taken against NRE/ NRO deposits if the property is bought for self-occupation up to a maximum limit of 100 million.

4. The Ownership of Property

An NRI can buy property either in his own name or jointly with another NRI. NRIs cannot buy property in joint ownership with Indian residents, even though they have not invested any money. NRIs cannot purchase a portion of the property owned by Indian residents.

5. Post NRI Ownership

Many employees accept work offers from abroad and are NRIs. They are most concerned about the property they have in the country. In this regard, there is little to no change. In the future, your ownership of the property remains the same. Because it is extremely difficult to buy the property later, an NRI resident Indian can purchase any property. The property can be rented in India by any NRI without RBI approval.


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