A Guide To Tenant Act 2021

A Guide To Tenant Act 2021

States regulate rental properties or housings as land, land improvement, and control of rents fall under the State List of the Constitution. After years of drafting & preparations, the union government has finally given the green light to a tenant act in 2021 and named it as a model tenancy act, 2021. Wherein the landlord and tenant are required to sign a written agreement that specifies the rent, period of tenancy, and other related terms.

The act majorly aims to make rent laws more equitable for landlords as well as the tenants and smoothen the processing of renting a home in India. Furthermore, the law specifies a ceiling on the rental amount and puts conditions for eviction of the tenant to prevent landlords from charging exorbitant rents and ensure that people find safe and stable housing. 

Model Act Specifies Minute Details of a Rental Agreement.  

The Model Tenancy Act, 2021 seeks to create a balance in the tenant-landlord relationship to smoothen the agreement by providing the rights and duties of both parties. The act also mandates the use of registered contracts to secure the formalities. 

A Guide To Tenant Act 2021

The act states landlord checklists and specifies the details of it. The details include that the landlord must carry out the structural repairs and execute the proper security, including walls and doors. At the same time, the tenants must be responsible for drain cleaning, geyser repairs, repairing kitchen fixtures, and keeping in mind the maximum amount of security deposit.

The act develops a foundation of the agreement by adding such specified details in rental contracts. The show also states that the law may also restrict changes that contracting parties may want to make in a contract based on their specific situation. Aadhaar number is compulsory to register rental agreements with Rent Authority, according to the law. For more key issues and analyses, you can check the details on the PRSindia website.

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A Guide To Tenant Act 2021

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