7 Must Have Healthy Amenities in Your Future Residence

A healthy way of living has become essential in today’s times. Regular physical activity alleviates stress and most of all reduce screen time and mental fatigue. Crazy busy schedules with work and family leave very little time for yourself and your pursuit of a regular health regime. Many top real estate developers help take care of this time crunch by providing top-grade amenities that will assist you to stay fit.

When considering your purchase decision for a new dream home, these seven healthy amenities are great plus points that you should definitely look for:

Swimming Pool

swimming pool - amenities

Swimming is a great exercise that can be very relaxing. It provides you with a full-body workout as it uses most of your muscles. Swimming has many benefits, like building endurance and muscle tone and strength. A minimum of a 30-minute session can help you maintain a healthy weight and also keep your hearts and lungs healthy. This exercise aids in improving coordination, balance and posture of your body.

Yoga Corner

Yoga Corner - amenities

Yoga is an age-old exercise that aims at healing and maintains the health of both our body and mind. The various poses and postures help flex all your muscles and joints that ultimately increases flexibility. Regular yoga practice improves respiration and maintains a great level of energy and vitality. Meditation will assist you in developing a sharp concentration and creating a mental calm.

Health Club

Health club - amenities

Health clubs today are well equipped with massage centers, Jacuzzi hot tubs and sauna and steam rooms. These provide the perfect opportunity to relax after a hectic day or a vigorous workout session. Activities like massages, or participating Jacuzzi and sauna helps improve blood circulation and remove toxins, which gives you clearer skin. They also help release endorphins in your body that make you feel good and reduce stress. Sauna and steam soothe the nerve endings and relax your muscles and joint pains. A good massage can help relieve the stiffness and fatigue that builds up at the end of a workday. The heat from saunas and steam rooms rooms loosens up the mucus membranes and opens up your sinuses.


GYM - amenities

When a gym is within your residential society and fully furnished with good quality machines, equipment and weights, focus on your body is easier. Weight training increases the strength of connective tissue, muscles, and tendons and overall strength of your body in general. Replacing fat with muscles, weight lifting can help you manage weight and burn calories even while sitting or sleeping. Such exercises greatly aid in building up bone density. Doing the right mix of cardio and weight training can increase your physical work capacity that will keep you energetic throughout the day.


Sports - amenities

Any kind of sorts like cricket, football, badminton, tennis or basketball is great for everyone, especially for kids and young adults. Each sport requires good coordination of each and every muscle in your body. This not only strengthens the body but also the neuromuscular connections between muscles.

Other than the physical benefits of playing sports, there are many other advantages too. Sports encourages social interaction that relieves depression and boosts confidence. It also helps create positive relationships and often long-lasting friendships. Sports are an excellent way to build team spirit and leadership skills as participants learn to coordinate and cooperate with his team members.

Routinely playing sports can provide your kids with better mental health and time management skills. Managing playtime with studies will enforce a habit to follow routines and utilize time productively. In addition to this, he will also develop a competitive spirit.

Children who participate in sports at a young age are said to be far more likely to stay active as they grow older too.

Jogging & Walking Tracks

Jogging & Walking Tracks - amenities

Whether you are a working professional, homemaker, or a retired adult aerobic exercises like jogging and walking are some of the best ways to keep healthy and fit. Exercise strengthens the immune system that helps you ward off diseases like common cold and flu. It gives strong muscles that will help you maintain ease in mobility and help you remain independent even as you get older. Regularly walking and jogging is also said to keep your eyes healthy. The risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, which can contribute to the development of cataracts, is reduced. Aerobic exercise aids in curbing stress or binge eating, and reduces fatigue in general.

Garden & Landscape

Garden & Landscape - amenities

You can never underestimate the importance of well-planned, green open spaces. Well-manicured gardens provide you with lush green lawns for lovely barefoot strolls. The flowers in the garden not only add a cheerful aesthetic appeal but some flowers like roses and jasmines have fragrances that help you calm down and unwind. Strategically planted trees provide much need shade during the summer days and of course, improve the quality of air. Fresh air is very beneficial for us.

Many residential projects have community gardens where residents can come together and indulge in planting organic vegetables. This not only brings healthy produce to your homes but also gives you the opportunity to teach your kids about gardening.

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