5 Reasons Why Amenities Are Changing Residential Projects in Jodhpur

When buying a home in Jodhpur for the first time, is a big decision. When choosing a property, amenities play an important role. It is important to consider many factors and to examine and analyze the pros and cons of every choice. With an increase in demand for commercial and residential spaces, the Indian real estate market has enjoyed high growth in recent years. Developing a quality social infrastructure for any new project is crucial to its success and residents’ well-being. In the first half of 2022, residential real estate sales grew by 60% to 158,705 units from 99,416 in the same period last year.

It is important for buyers to get top amenities in a home. Among the amenities that attract prospective homebuyers are a swimming pool, fitness areas with indoor & Outdoor access, a 5-Star Clubhouse, a Kid’s Play Area, Cards Room, Chess Room, etc. In this blog, we will learn how amenities influence the decision of potential homebuyers in Jodhpur.

What draws potential home buyers to a project’s amenities?

It has become increasingly important for homebuyers to consider factors that enhance the comfort and enjoyment of the occupants. As a result, social infrastructure and residents’ well-being are strongly correlated. In a recent study, it was found that amenities in a project were the deciding factor in deciding where to buy a house in Jodhpur.

  • Increasing Stress Level:

In recent years, people have started looking for comfortable living spaces due to rising stress levels, highly competitive jobs, and discomfort from commuting long distances. Their homes serve as a personal haven for them to relax and enjoy happiness when they have had a tiring day. Their home paces will provide you with the best and most comfortable living experience.

  • Identities of Communities:

A sense of community identity could also be a reason for all this attention to amenities. The different amenities provided in residential projects in Jodhpur allow residents to gather with their families and friends during holidays, festivals, and events to enjoy togetherness. They offer a big 5-star clubhouse or a community hall for big gatherings.

  • All-Age Amenities:

A bulk of amenities are available in top residential projects in Jodhpur, suiting the needs of people of all ages. A private health club, swimming pool, sports area, and multipurpose halls for parties and cultural events are available to all guests. There is also a garden, a play area, and a corner for children’s activities. A beautifully landscaped garden surrounds the senior center, providing a verdant and relaxing walking area. There are amenities designed to ensure the comfort of people of all ages. As a prominent residential developer, Ashapurna Buildcon Limited aims to improve the quality of life for its residents through luxury villas in Jodhpur with a variety of amenities. Therefore, these projects combine leisure, entertainment, culture, sport, and community.

  • The Redefining of Comfort:

Infrastructural development is also accelerating in tier 2 cities as well as in the major cities of India. Luxury and comfort have been redefined in these cities through the development of real estate projects that feature modern amenities and conveniences. The value of proposition for home buyers has evolved into quality construction and pristine living. The amenities available in their society can be a welcome relief after hours spent at work.

  • First-Class Living:

It is almost impossible to build a building in which amenities are not offered, such as open spaces, verdant grounds, gymnasiums, health clubs, tennis courts, jogging tracks, mini theatres, clubhouses, shops, cards rooms, carrom rooms, badminton court, etc and many more. For instance, NRI Township by Ashapurna Buildcon is peppered with amazing projects that define ‘luxury Living’ in its truest sense. This township is surrounded by 10+ theme-based gardens, giving residents a sense of peace and quiet amidst the busy city. Their lives are enhanced by this.


The advantages of amenities in residential projects in Jodhpur have made them a game changer for the real estate industry. There is no doubt that a project’s value is determined by the amenities available. If you are looking to buy a home with various amenities and a secured township in Jodhpur, Then select Ashapurna Buildcon Limited which is the best real estate in Jodhpur and offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy fine living with a peaceful environment in Jodhpur. So, explore Ashapurna Buildcon’s projects when planning to buy a luxury property in Jodhpur.

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