NGDRS: National Generic Document Registration System.

NGDRS: National Generic Document Registration System

Gone are the times; when we have to go miles away to get one work done. In the world of today, everything is done digitally without meeting in person and waiting in that long queue. Always knew that buying or selling a property requires a lot of paperwork and documentation that takes a lot of your time. But wait, this is also solved by the government by introducing an in-house and state-specific system to assist the state in property registration. This system is citizen-centric software designed for online property registration, uploading necessary documents of the property, and booking online appointments with the SRO for document registration. This system is known as NGDRS or national generic document registration system, by which you can do all property-related work digitally.  Whether you are planning to Buy Villa in Jodhpur or any other city of Rajasthan, you can easily register the property through the NSDRS portal.

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What is NGDRS?

 The national generic document registration system is in-house specific software introduced by the government to assist the respective state with property registration.

NGDRS is customized according to the specific needs of the state and property registration rules and regulations of the states. The system offers various services, and a few of them are:

NGDRS: National Generic Document Registration System.
  • Document entry by the citizen digitally;
  • Online property valuation;
  • Stamp duty calculation;
  • Online property registration, etc.

Basically, NGDRS is an online portal where home buyers and sellers can pay stamp duty and registration fees and can do other works related to property digitally. Whether you want to invest in Flats in Jodhpur or Top Residential Projects in Jodhpur, you can easily invest and register them through the NGDRS portal. You can also schedule a property registration appointment with the SRO.

Why national generic document registration system come into existence?

Everything nowadays is available digitally for the ease of the citizens of the country. The government of India also took the initiative to support the digital world and make the real estate transaction an easy process by creating the national generic document registration system. Through this portal, property registration will be available online throughout the country. So if you are looking for individual house for sale, you can easily buy it and register it through the NGDRS portal.  If you want to invest in blue city, you can take the guidance of the best Real Estate Developer in Jodhpur to help you through the process of real estate investment.

Importance of national genetic document registration system:

As we all know, there is a lot of legal work and documentation when you buy or sell the property, which takes a lot of your time. The national generic document registration system will help every citizen complete the transaction from their comfort. The software has shifted the old manual registration process to an online system. All sorts of property-related transactions can be done using this system.

This initiative of the government of India will also encourage offices in rural locations to use technology and decrease human labor, and as a result, eliminate land record inaccuracies.

The National Generic Document Registration System or the NGDRS has the following benefits:

  • It transfers the burden of the various government departments, which have to maintain a lot of paperwork related to the property. This aims of this government initiative is at minimising the paperwork, time taken for property registration, and easy appointment of the proceedings at the SRO or the Sub Registrar Office.
  • The stakeholders of all the registration are at this single platform.
  • Best empowerment of the citizens as it provides the valuation of property to achieve easy business means just by a click of a button.
NGDRS: National Generic Document Registration System.

NGDRS in states:

The NGDRS has been adopted by the following states:

  • NGDRS: Punjab;
  • NGDRS: Rajasthan;
  • NGDRS: Maharashtra;
  • NGDRS: Goa;
  • NGDRS: Andaman and Nicobar Islands;
  • NGDRS: Bihar;
  • NGDRS: Jharkhand;
  • NGDRS: Manipur;
  • NGDRS: Mizoram;
  • NGDRS: Himachal Pradesh;
  • NGDRS: Andhra Pradesh;
  • NGDRS: Madhya Pradesh;
  • NGDRS: Kerala;
  • NGDRS: Uttarakhand.

Procedure of property valuation:

Following are the step by step procedure of valuation of the property:

  • First, go to the NGDRS website for the respective state in which the property is situated;
  • After that, login to NGDRS, where you must first register as a citizen. To access the system, use the citizen credentials;
  • Opt for a financial year. Citizens can choose the prior financial year, allowing them to do a valuation for that particular year;
  • Choose the district, taluka, and corporation/municipal council from the drop-down menus;
  • Determine the utilization of the property;
  • Mention on the sort of construction;
  • Enter the age and the location of the road;
  • Select ‘Calculate & Save’ from the drop-down menu;
  • At this time, you’ll see the valuation report on the screen.

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